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We are a team of social workers since 2009 in India.During these days we have seen lot of our sister living isolatedly or separately with their kids either due to the torture from husband or due to partners death.Such people are deeply struggling to survive with their babies and we even saw lot of such ladies in our country working as house maid or for daily wages inoder to feed their young one. Some are a big burden to their own family and no any help they are getting to feed or to give education to their children.Aslo they will be facing lot of legal issues to get divorce or legal settlement.

Same way there are some males living isolatedly or divorced may be because of partners death or family issues who are earning an amount which is not bad to run a family.we had normally seen a few number of such people are involved in dipression,smoking,drugs and other illegal activities and becoming a nuisance to our society and country.

Now we are turning to the point that is we have seen lot of people from above said category leading a peaceful and happily life using the benefits of our Law permitting living together with mutual consent. Such couples do maximum adjustment to live happily as they had previous bitter experience from their first relation and they already know that it will continue only if both the partners do adjustment.

From our experience we were able to know that lot of people from above said category opting living together option but unfortunately there is no any platform or media to find out such mates. So we are here by presenting a new Webpage and Android application to help such people following all the legal formalities which the respective country’s judiciary permit. They can either register it through marriage act or can make a living together agreement.

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